Now That’s a Mouthful is a podcast centered around its recipe testing community and delicious food. Our community of volunteer testers loves to cook, bake, and talk about food, and represents a wide range of skills from raw beginners to seasoned pros.

Recipe testing feedback is a crucial part of our podcast, fueling discussions and determining each episode’s creative direction. In each weekly episode, our hosts Chef Donna Marie Desfor and Scott LaMar talk about recipes from our community’s test cookbooks, feedback provided by our testers, and the unique experiences and challenges of cooking each recipe.

Now That’s a Mouthful is proudly produced by WITF and is based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. If you want to learn more about sponsoring our podcast, please contact

The Hosts

Chef Donna Marie Desfor

Donna Marie Desfor, known among clients and friends as the “modern day Julia Child,” forged her culinary path after a 17-year career in law.  She attended L’ecole de Chefs, an apprentice program for non-culinary professionals in 2003, where she trained in the then #1 rated South African restaurant, Bosman’s, at the Grand Roche Hotel in Paarl. After, she worked tirelessly to hone her culinary skills and master an understanding of taste. She opened There’s a Chef in my Kitchen and later The Baudelaire Onion Tasting Room to share her knowledge and engage people with and around food.

Today she works with several specialty food purveyors to create recipes, writes for a variety of online blogs and magazines, and has appeared on TV both locally and nationally. She created her own all-purpose seasoning called Chef Donna’s Adoro that is sold here and in Canada.  Chef Donna is often invited as a keynote speaker to conferences and educational seminars.  She is also a frequent guest on WITF’s morning radio talk show, SmartTalk.

Inspired by the enthusiastic listeners of WITF and their interest to continue talking about food long after the radio show was over, Chef Donna and WITF’s team created Now That’s a Mouthful, where anyone who likes or loves to cook, can have an ongoing conversation about food and how we cook in our home kitchens.

She lives in central Pennsylvania with her husband, David.

Scott LaMar

Scott LaMar has worked at WITF for more than 25 years in a variety of positions.  Besides co-hosting Now That’s a Mouthful with Chef Donna Desfor, Scott LaMar is the host and Executive Producer of WITF’s Smart Talk radio program which focuses on the issues most important to Central Pennsylvanians. While at WITF, Scott has also served a news and sports anchor, TV producer and manager.

Several programs Scott has worked on have received more than a dozen Pennsylvania Associated Press News Awards, and Scott was the recipient of the first “Dignity in Dialogue” award from the Lancaster Center for Community Peacemaking for promoting civil conversation.

Production Staff

Fred Vigeant

Fred manages program scheduling and audience research for WITF’s broadcast services as well as supporting digital productions such as Now That’s a Mouthful. Fred has been with WITF since 2013. Previously he was the Program and Operations Director for WRVO, a news and information station serving Central New York.

Tom Downing

Tom is a motion graphic artist and web designer at WITF.

Katie Nelson

Katie is WITF’s Digital Analyst; providing marketing, content management, and technical support expertise to this podcast and its testing community.

Joe Ulrich

Joe manages our audio production processes. He is an audio engineer, on-air host, and arts reporter at WITF. He also produces WITF Music.