Our Recipe Testing Community

Our volunteer community is perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking, baking, and talking about food. We welcome all skill levels!

Here’s how our recipe testing community works:

  1.  Sign up and become a registered tester
  2.  Receive new test recipes every month, delivered straight to your email inbox.
  3.  Cook a delicious recipe, or two…or three.
  4.  Send us your feedback!
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The Recipes

Our test recipes come from a variety of new or soon-to-be-released cookbooks, highlighting different cuisines and styles of cooking and baking. We are committed to creating an interesting cooking experience for our testers and listeners by providing a wide range of different cookbooks and recipes each month.

By acquiring test recipe details and becoming a participant, you are signifying your acceptance of the Recipe Tester Agreement. The cookbooks and recipes we feature are under copyright protection. Now That’s a Mouthful has coordinated with each publisher to acquire test recipes for the limited use of our podcast.

Please test the recipes exactly as they are written. You may, however, double, halve, or adjust recipes for allergies, if you are unable to find an ingredient or ingredients, or to avoid “Epic Fails.” If you adjust a recipe please let us know and share why, what you changed, and what the outcome was.

We know life is unpredictable and busy, so if you are unable to participate in a given month, don’t worry! You are still considered a member of our testing community until you choose to opt-out of our mailing list.

Join The Testing Community

Each month we collect feedback from our testing community and use your ideas, comments, and experiences to help shape our podcast.