1. I have read the Now That’s a Mouthful Recipe Testing information online and have voluntarily asked to become involved in this testing community. I understand all that is involved with the testing process. I acknowledge and understand that testing recipes, by its very nature, can entail risks which may result in injury to self or to others, or damage to property, or both. I agree to accept and assume all risks associated with testing these recipes. My participation as a tester is purely voluntary; I choose to participate regardless of the potential risks.
  2. I agree to test at least one recipe each testing period (approximately one recipe per month). I understand I can test more if I choose.
  3. I understand that the Now That’s a Mouthful community includes all types of cooks, from home cooks to professional chefs. It is my experience with the recipe that is important, and my comments valuable to the testing process.
  4. After I test a recipe, I will complete the short evaluation form that I am provided. I understand that I can opt out from making my evaluation and comments public; however the decision to publish my comments is reserved for the sole discretion of Now That’s a Mouthful staff.
  5. I will follow each recipe as written. I understand the specific reasons for which I may make changes (allergens, yield, or epic fail situation), and agree to note all changes/reasons, and results because of my changes. By following the recipe as written, I understand this helps evaluate the cookbook, the recipe and provides valuable information to our community and topics for conversation.
  6. I agree that if I don’t consistently participate in the testing process I may be asked to leave the Now That’s a Mouthful testing community. I understand that I can always return when I’m able to fulfill the minimum requirements of testing of one recipe per testing period.
  7. I understand I am not authorized to contact any cookbook author, recipe writer or publishing house directly or on behalf of Now That’s a Mouthful. If I have a question about any recipe, I agree to communicate with Now That’s a Mouthful through email.
  8. I understand and agree that Now That’s a Mouthful is the only entity with permission from the publisher(s) to reprint the recipes and photographs of the recipes. The recipes approved for testing are private and I agree that I will not publish them in any forum or media form whatsoever. I further understand that I am permitted to write about my experience of testing dishes, mentioning the names of recipes, authors, and Now That’s a Mouthful in social media outlets, provided, however, I link to the specific cookbook on the Now That’s a Mouthful website when possible.
  9. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless WITF and any of its affiliates, employees or others related with Now That’s a Mouthful from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action, which are in any way connected with my participation with this program.